Crescendo is a unique collaboration between three artistic partners: Bergen International Festival, Barratt Due Music Insitute and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

There are two different programs under the Crescendo umbrella: A mentoring program for outstanding emerging young classical musicians and a youth-orchestra project – Ung Filharmoni.

Ung Filharmoni is a unique program aimed at young classical musicians up to the age of 19 who dream of becoming professional orchestral musicians. Through national auditions an orchestra of nearly 80 young musicians is put together. To start out they meet for some intense summer days working with a larger orchestral repertoire, led by a high profile conductor such as Eivind Aadland and Peter Stark. Parallel to the orchestral rehearsals, the young talents receive instruction and guidance from a number of musicians from the Oslo Philharmonic.

Come fall, they meet again for a project week in the Oslo Concert Hall, where they share the podium with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and gather for an extra large and spectacular symphony orchestra where young and professional sit side by side – led by one of the Oslo Philharmonic’s main conductors. The autumn project concludes with a concert in front of a packed Oslo Concert Hall.

Through interaction with the Oslo Philharmonic, the participants get a unique opportunity to develop both personally and musically. In meeting with some of the foremost performers in the professional music life, an inspiring learning arena is created which gives the young musicians an unique experience with what is required at the top level.

Ung Filharmoni aims to contribute so that young talents can succeed as future professional musicians.