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Bjørn-Christian Svarstad from Trondheim and Kristoffer Almås from Mosjøen met as students at the Norwegian Academy of Music. From that time onward they have been inseparable, inspiring and challenging each other, bringing joy through co-performance, collaboration and companionship. They are working hard at establishing their duo PERCelleh in diverse artistic directions – bringing the fantastic world of percussion to an ever-broadening audience.

PERCelleh provides a hard-hitting, extrovert musical experience, which is at the same time refined and meticulous. Their style aims both high and low – they are virtuoso and rough-hewn, precious and hardrock.

In 2017 the duo was accepted into the Crescendo mentoring program where they have had the opportunity to work and share stage with their mentor, world-renowned percussionist Colin Currie. Together they played a full length concert at the Bergen International Festival in 2018, where they’re back in 2019 with a premiere at the opening concert.

Later in the the summer of 2019 they are invited to pianist Leif Ove Andnes own Rosendal Chamber Music Festival, sharing the stage with a number of internationally highly acclaimed musicians.

Photo: Bård Gundersen